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Efficacy of The Use of Electrical Muscle Stimulators in Physiotherapy

Through the use of the muscle stimulator, one can make the muscles of one part of the body contract. You achieve this by sending electric impulses so that the nerves make the muscles contract. This type of stimulating machine is known as the electrical muscle stimulator and the process is known as the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

Action of the EMS unit

Use of the muscle stimulator is found in physiotherapy. People buy Electrical muscle stimulator online in order to induce conditioning for the muscles. By inducing muscle contractions, the therapist is able to hasten the healing process significantly. This process is also called the neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). You deliver the electrical impulses to a group or muscles or tissue (target tissue) and the action is similar to that initiated by the central nervous system.

In this, one places pads on the skin very near to the target tissue and you give the electrical impulse. Due to the differential absorption of the impulses by the skeletal muscles that react differently to different impulse ranges, one can target specific muscles and improve their condition.

Various physiotherapy machines in use today

The range of physiotherapy instruments and machines include the following categories:

1. Hydro therapy
2. Heat and cold therapy
3. CPM units
4. Shoulder, arm, and hand exercise units
5. Suspension aids
6. Electrotherapy
7 Treatment machines
8. Multi exercise therapy units
9. Leg, knee, and foot exercise units
10.Traction aids

A few examples of these are the whirlpool bath in the hydro therapy equipment, muscle stimulator in electro therapy, infra-red lamp in heat therapy, shoulder spring exerciser in shoulder, arm, and hand units, cervical and lumbar traction package in traction units, door-latch frame set in A.D.L. Training units and Pencil maze test board in Evaluation systems.

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More treatment units

Next, we have the Occupational therapy, rehabilitation units, and medical furniture.

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1. A.D.L. Training units
2. Exercise units
3. Walkers
4. Crutches
5. Positioning equipment
6. Evaluation systems
7. Sensory motors
8. Walking sticks
9. Wheelchairs
10. Mobility trainers

Treatment machines and their use

The muscle stimulator price in India ranges from Rs 6,909 to Rs 8,061. You can get many types of physiotherapy equipment from the online stores. This includes the leg, foot, and knee exercise equipment, Hot and cold therapy equipment, occupational and treatment equipment and instruments, equipment for rehabilitation, and much more.
When you buy therapy instruments and equipment always make sure the supplier has the right equipment with the correct range of operation. In addition, they must give warranty on the goods and must have a valid return and refund policy.

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One finds the use of the electrical muscle stimulator in injury prevention in the post-surgery rehabilitation programs. This is to induce faster healing in the joints and the area of the fracture or injury. The machines induce controlled movements so you reduce the stress on the patient. Patients suffering from degenerative diseases can benefit from the use of the physiotherapy machines.

This EMS is finding increased use in sports therapy since it makes the muscles hard as if the person was training for a week or more. The results are comparable to the customary resistance training that we see ordinarily that involves staircase running, short sprints, and weight training.

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