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Obesity Can Be A Cause Of Cancer- Be Aware

Never cared about that increased waistline? Does being obese disgusts you everywhere? Then we have some horrible things to tell you that’ll haunt you beyond disgust for sure.

A large waistline, excessively high BMI ( Body Mass Index) and type 2 diabetes are the main causes of liver cancer, suggested a recent study carried out by a few health enthusiasts. This got pretty much sure when a strategic director of digestive system cancer research, Peter Campbell had his views about the concern. He and his colleagues observed nearly about 1.57 million adults and collected data to draw if any relation exists between higher Body mass Index (BMI), type 2 diabetes and liver cancer.

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What they found after some time was, around 6.5% of that 1.57 billion population developed type 2 diabetes as a consequence of obesity. Moreover, liver cancer was also found in more than 2,100 of them. After holding regular comparisons between those who had diabetes but no liver cancer and those who had diabetes as well as liver cancer, they found that people with type 2 diabetes are 2.6 times more supposed to be having liver cancer.

As far as BMI is concerned, researchers show that there is a probability of 8% increase in liver cancer with every 2 inches added to the waistline. This again is a consequence of obesity. Though a lot of earlier studies have also shown risks of developing liver cancer due to obesity, these studies gave more air to the matter. These studies also must not be ignored as obesity has always been a serious health issue and not taking care of this might lead to something unexpected.

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So, start having control from now only to have a healthy future ahead.

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