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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Basic Facts

What is Sexually Transmitted Diseases ?

STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases )are the disease which is caused by sexual intimation. It can cause to anyone man, women, rich or poor. It is caused by sexual intimation, and highly transmittable through vaginal contact and fluids are exchanged within the body, and the virus and bacteria present in the fluid are transferred through the bodies.

There are many types of STDs. Some of them are dangerous and can lead to death such as HIV, but some are minor and can be cured just by some precautions and medication.

There is only one solution to be safe from Sexually Transmitted Diseases  (STD) is safe sex practice. Always use a condom. It is the duty of both the partners to remember using a condom. Avoid drinking alcohol or any drug before having sex as it could make your mind of not using precaution. Never use petroleum based lubricants as it may cause breaking of the condom and lead to STD.

Always have only one sex partner never go for lots of sex relations as it could  STD. Loyalty is the main factor which could maintain your relationship strong as well as secure from STD. Always avoid one-night stand and sex with the random partners.

  • STDs are not transmitted by eating, touching, handshaking, playing, etc. it is only caused by sexual intimations.
  • STDs can be transmitted to the child from the mother. It is a genetically transferred disease and can destroy generations. So, precautions should be taken as early as possible.
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Sometimes one cannot observe STD symptoms. So, time to time checkup is required.

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