Things You Would Like To Know About The Alarming Zika Virus

Zika Virus came into light when Brazil in 2015 declared it as a public health emergency which later spread to Miami, Florida, central America, Caribbean and Latin America. From then recommendations are constantly being kept before pregnant women to stop avoiding visiting such places.

Going to such places may increase susceptibility towards Zika infection, a disease called Microcephaly is said would take place as a birth defect in the unborn child.

How to get this tested?

There are two types of tests involved :

  • Urine Test: In case it’s been less than two weeks since you went to a Zika Infected area.
  • Blood Test: If the exposure took place between three to 12 weeks.

In this Jan. 30, 2016 photo, Elielson tries to calm down his baby brother Jose Wesley, in Bonito, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Jose Wesley was born with microcephaly and he screams uncontrollably for long stretches, getting red in the face and tightening his already stiff limbs. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

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This Zika test is not equally reliable for men like women because the virus stays in the semen longer than it can be detected through blood testing. Also, if neither you nor your partner went to any Zika infected area, then there are lesser chances of you to get infected by the same.

When should you get yourself tested?

If you or your pregnant partner had to the Zika outbreak zone during pregnancy, then get it tested immediately. The same thing applies if your partner gets pregnant after coming back from the infected zone. Pregnant women, being most susceptible to Zika Virus infection are advised time to time by the health department and other agencies to avoid going on a babymoon to Zika outbreaks.

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One of the advice also includes using contraception or protections while intimidating with your partner if you visited Zika outbreaks recently.

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All these things can help you for sure in limiting or preventing the bad effects of Zika infections for sure.


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